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Egypt’s Interim Government Resigns, Critics Call it a Return of History

Fears of a military government continue to grow as Egypt’s interim government had resigned completely, paving the way for Egyptian Military Chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to declare his candidacy for presidency.

Critics call it a return of history and a “throwback to the time of Hosni Mubarak”, who had ruled with the country’s elites and top businessmen with an “Iron Hand”. They criticised that the entire Egyptian uprising may have been staged to put al-Sisi in power.

In July, the first democratically-elected president of Egypt, Mohamed Mursi, was ousted by the Egyptian military and his political party, the Muslim Brotherhood, had been declared a terrorist group by the Egyptian Interim Government.

According to an Egyptian official, the “(interim) government feels like it had done all its responsibilities to keep Egypt afloat as it waited for a proper government to restore order and maintain the country’s stability.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood had accused al-Sisi for plotting the coup to restore the military domination of the government in the country. Human rights groups are also joining voices against the army-backed government because abuses and rights are daily violated by the armed forces, which the interim government denies.

Currently, the Egyptian authorities are fighting against weakening the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamist uprising in the country.