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Stirling University Innovation Park To Have First National Sports Business Grounds

The 700-company “Sports Hive” located in Scotland’s Stirling University Innovation Park intends to improve Scotland’s sports industry by bringing together all related parties including students. The “Sports Hive” will have six of its businesses mentored by industry experts to help grow their respective businesses.

Aside from technology, new exercises, drills, programs, supplements and bio-monitoring technologies could surface from the Sports Hive in Stirling. According to Programme Manager Ryan Carenduff, Scotland is brimming with Scottish sports entrepreneurs with big ideas on improving sports services and technologies.

He said the Sports Hive intends to support the vision of the new entrepreneurs and startups and the Hive would facilitate working with the world’s best startup mentors in France, USA, Canada and even Australia. From children’s aids, innovators are looking more on new energy drinks, training apparel, powerful supplements and other areas that sports could need a technological or innovative boost.

The initiative to improve Scotland’s sports industry began in 2010 after a project called “Sporting Chance Initiative” collected all 700 companies that are growing in number to further innovations in Scotland’s sports trade. Focused mainly on startups and small companies, the Sports Hive includes some of Scotland’s athletic heroes including professional swimming instructor Michael Harkins and his project to create the “Turtle Pack,” a children’s flotation buoy.

Hundreds Participate in New I Am Team GB Campaign

Banking on the country’s imagination and amazement of its athletes’ performance during the World Olympics after Team GB successfully led the world, about 2,600 sporting events intended to encourage people to get out of their homes and engage in physical activities was the focus of I Am Team GB.

The campaign begun during the London 2012 Olympics where it was met with lacklustre acceptance despite the amazing achievement of Team GB during the time.

Several Olympians and enthusiasts opened their backyard to young and old people interested in the sport.

The Olympian Greg Rutherford opened his back garden, complete with long jump, to young people in Woburn Sands, near Milton Keynes. “It’s an interesting concept, come to my back garden and jump into the pit that I train on for the world championships, Olympics and everything else,” he said.

Nicole Sherapin, from Stratford, took her two children to the event. “I watched the Olympics every time it was on. It’s great that Team GB came second in the medal table, so when I saw this on the TV this morning I thought I’d bring the kids here because they’re really into sport and it’s something fun to do with it being the school holidays. They’ve tried the bikes, badminton, table tennis. I want my youngest to have a go at handball because it’s an alternative to football.”

In Reading, the Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover was offering advice to people who wanted to try out the sport. “There’ll be some challenges on the rowing machine. I think we’ll try to get some boats out if anyone wants to have a go at rowing. It’s really good that we’re challenging ideas and trying new things, it’s the first time ever a TV channel has been switched off to encourage people to leave the house and I think it’s amazing.”

Russian MP Urges More Rioting After UEFA Clashes

Igor Lebedev, a Russian Liberal Democratic Party Member, urged Russian hooligans who started the riots in Marseille before and after the match between Russia and England to continue their skirmish.

Mr Lebedev, an MP in the executive committee of the Russian Football Union, said the fans acted like “real men.” He also said that Vitaly Mutko, the Russian Sports Minister, would also be glad to join because it was “England fans who started the riots.”

He said in a tweet that he didn’t see anything wrong with the fans fighting. He said it was “quite the opposite, well done lads, keep it up.”

According to Marseille Persecutor Brice Robin, the Russian hooligans were hyper-violent and quite prepared to cause altercations before and after the match.

Mr Lebedev said:

“I don’t understand those politicians and officials who are criticising our fans. We should defend them, and then we can sort it out when they come home,” Mr Lebedev wrote in a series of tweets.

In Russian Media, the MP talked about the incident and said:

“In nine out of 10 cases, football fans go to games to fight, and that’s normal,’ he said. ‘The lads defended the honour of their country and did not let English fans desecrate our motherland. We should forgive and understand our fans.”

Defeat Does Not Deter The Willpower of Chelsea

Chelsea captain John Terry expressed his agitation as Arsenal defeated Chelsea in the Community Shield. However, he said it will have minimal effect on their morale for the new Premier League season.

“I thought we were on top, if anything. These games are always a bit slow with players finding their feet and fitness but it’s disappointing we didn’t win,” the former England skipper told the media.

“Losing is just horrible in all aspects – forgetting the record [Mourinho’s unbeaten run against Arsenal], it’s a trophy that’s gone now. It means a lot because you’ve earned the right to be here so we’re just disappointed.

“It hurts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendly or the Community Shield – it’s a trophy, at the end of the day.”

Game Analysts claim part of Chelsea’s defeat is due to Diego Costa’s absence. Terry admits that Diego’s troubled hamstring played down Chelsea’s chances with the season opening game.

He stressed the defeat will not destroy Chelsea’s will to win in the Premier League.

“I don’t think so. I think it’s one of them where [Arsenal will] probably come out and say differently. They do mean something but, win or lose, I don’t think you can say that.”

Murray Beats Tomas Berdych To Australian Open Finals

US Top Tennis Star Andy Murray defeats Tomas Berdych on Thursday, securing his spot in the Australian Open Finals. Berdych was defeated with a 6-7 (6) 6-0, 6-3, 7-5 in a very tight and gruelling match.

Should Murray win, it would be his third grand slam title.

Meanwhile, the match was not without its hiccups. Murray had first complained to Chair Umpire Pascal Maria about Berdych’s statement after the first set had ended. Berdych was also fumed with Murray’s reaction after his service during the 5-3 match.

According to Murray “When there’s a lot of tension surrounding something, which you created, then it’s completely normal that the whole first set everyone was tight.My physical trainer, physio, I’m sure for Dani it was uncomfortable.”

He was talking about television cameras showing his fiancée Kim Sears mouthing obscenities against Tomas Berdych and his coach, Dani Vallverdu, who was also Murray’s previous coach.

Murray said that Tomas Berdych was a rare talker in court. However, he also had some tension during the match.

Berdych said that he had no bad blood against Murray. He was merely pumping himself up after winning his first set. He said that he told himself a job well done after winning the first set.

“Fearless Felix” Breaks the Speed of Sound with Recent Dive

Acclaimed skydiver and former soldier Felix Baumgartner, known also by his nickname “Fearless Felix” performed a skydive 24 miles above the Earth. The Austrian skydiver managed to land in New Mexico successfully after the long drop with only a space suit, helmet and his parachute to help him along the way.

Baumgartner is well-known for parachuting from the Petronas Towers of Malaysia, the Christ the Redemeer Statue in Rio de Janeiro and has prepared five years to make the jump that allowed him to break the speed of sound yesterday. This objective, which was met with success, had Baumgartner the first person to fly the highest in a helium balloon and broke the speed of sound.

The 43-year old Felix Baumgartner recalls that that the jump was not without any difficulty. At one point during the dive, he was on the verge of pulling out his droge parachute in the event of difficulty. He was trying to regain control, but was unable to do so. As he was about to pull the parachute and the plug on the entire dive, he slowly regained control, which allowed him to make the best jump the world has ever seen.

Some of his other particular difficulties were his visor fogging up and having a “flat spin”, which would have him disastrous physical problems during and after the jump if he had not regained control.

The Austrian skydiver set off around 9:30 A.M. MT from Rosewell in New Mexico with several weather delays into the stratosphere.

He was preparing five years to make the jump and to prove that he can break through the speed of sound. The highest jump of Baumgartner breaks the record of Col. Joe Kittinger in 1960, which had 102,800 feet or approximately 22 miles above Earth.

Source: CNN

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Women Paralympic Athletes Doubled In Number This Year

Women Paralympic Athletes Doubled In Number This Year

The London Paralympics has seen a rise in the number of female athletes competing in this year’s games. The London Paralympics has hosted more athletes this year than the 1992 Barcelona Games that only had 700 female athletes. London now plays with 1,513 female athletes playing in 18 sports.

Philip Craven, the President of IPC states that the Paralympics has allowed greater good for gender equity and has inspired many athletes that even those with disabilities can still be physically able as their able counterparts.

Tine Teilman, the Chairperson of the IPC Women in Sport Committee states that it is very inspiring to see the great number of female athletes playing in the Paralympics. As the number has doubled throughout the decades, the 2012 paralympics is sure to see great role models for the physically disabled and their able counterparts.

She also speculates that the growing number of female participants will help secure gender equality in the Paralympic Games. This will also increase the number of female participants in the future, she says.

The London Paralympics 2012 began in August 29 and will end in the 9th of September.

Source: CNN

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