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Dissecting the Accident at Work Responsibility of Your Employers

The entire leadership of a company is responsible for your safety. They delegate this handling of your safety to your superiors. If a superior has asked you to perform a task that placed you accidentally in grave danger mentally, physically or emotionally, then the superior — as an embodiment of your employers — is responsible.

As an embodiment your superior will face serious consequences for his actions. But the burden of responsibility to compensate you for damages will be the company. The company’s leadership often assigns an accident-handling department most often the Human Resources department.

The HR department had briefed you on the potential dangers of the work and the insurance the company handles. They had briefed your superior long before you were employed in the company. Therefore, the HR will handle the entire incident and discuss it with the insurance company handling your accident.

Several laws protect employees from injuries that another party may cause through their personal negligence.

Personal negligence is not limited to the lack of provision of safety equipment for ultra-hazardous activities such as construction or heavy lifting, the lack of warnings regarding dangerous tools, materials or environments, and the lack of supervision during training.

If any of these departments fail to honour or comply to employees’ demands for workplace compensation legal representation can create accident at work claims for said individuals.

The workplace accident claim can help individuals get more than just insurance provisions but also damages to their life, emotion and will to live if any.

Claimants may need proof of negligence to guarantee their claim’s success. A legal team can handle this along with other tasks needed.

DNR Orders Received By Patients Without Families’ Consent

An audit by the Royal College of Physicians’ audit of 9,000 patients found that one in five families were not alerted about a DNR imposed on their relative.

According to RCP Professor Sam Ahmedzai that the act was unforgivable. The chairman of the audit, he said doctors needed to be more open with dying patients. He said doctors may not like to “face up to it.” but it is cruel not to inform families about their patients’ decision.

The audit estimated that 200,000 patients a year are issued with an order not to attempt CPR if they stop breathing.

In 16% of the 9,000 cases audited, the study found there was no record of a conversation with the patient about the order.

An NHS England spokeswoman said: “We welcome the results of this audit, which we commissioned, and which shows there has been some improvement in the care provided.

“But there is clearly more that can be done.

“Although this audit presents a snapshot of end-of-life care within NHS hospitals, there are clear variations in the support and services received across hospitals and areas where improvements must continue to be made.”

Zika Virus Now Spreading In The Caribbean

Twenty-two countries in the Caribbean have confirmed cases of the Zika virus. Meanwhile, those with unaffected communities have launched huge volunteer forces to help rid of garbage and all possible habitat of Zika-bearing mosquitoes. All residents are taking part to encourage other communities to do the same.

According to Saint Lucia Health Minister Alvina Reyinolds:

“This is a national issue. It’s something for everybody. Yes it will affect unborn children in the womb 0-3 months in a more significant and serious way and we would know of other issues of mild paralysis etcetera, but it’s just that we do not need those diseases in our spaces.

“And better still, we can prevent that by doing the most simple things that we were taught as children anyway. That is to keep your environment clean.”

Meanwhile, regional leaders said the Zika virus is hurting their respective tourism economies.

Dominica is one of the countries using a community-led approach to stopping the virus.

Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda used technology to help track mosquito-infested sites and reduce them with methods available.

Along with the public, private and tourism representatives are joining the cause to fight against the Zika outbreak.

In Barbados, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St. Martin and the US Virgin Islands all have confirmed cases of Zika virus.

The Reality of the NHS Staff Situation

Almost every UK political party promises to increase the number of health workers to improve the quality of service the NHS delivers. But if one were to ask, how many people does the NHS need to keep on track?

Most politicians choose to exaggerate the figure knowingly and unwittingly. Some have promised more than 38,000 new health workers for the NHS. However, the problem may lie a bit deeper.

Workforce pressure in the NHS has continued to grow. This had increased the attrition rate in the NHS. New technology designed to reduce the number of face-to-face conversations and instead use advanced communications technology such as Skype and others may help reduce this.

However, according to Nuffield Trust Chief Executive Nigel Edwards, he is less than voting for technology to encourage more staff.

He stressed that hands-on care and having people on hand is essential for any healthcare service. Edwards believed that the sort of staff should be specified to completely address the situation.

Kings Fund’s Richard Murray said that GPs aren’t the only people needed to improve the services. It is highly possible that practice and district nurses are the only ones needed.

However, Health Education England’s survey indicate that most employees in the NHS do not resign because of their new tasks and other new details. It was because of the low salary.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Now Considered A Biological Illness

The Centre For Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health concluded that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is a immunological dysfunction and not a psychological problem.

According to Director Mady Hornig, they now have evidence that confirms that the disease is not caused by psychological troubles.

Their research hypothesizes that CFS could be triggered in a “hit-and-run” fashion that follows a common infection. Biomakers created by the immune system in those with the disease had less difference in people who had had it for three years.

It showed higher amounts of cytokines or immune system response molecules, on individuals who had it for a shorter time. Cytokines activate when there’s an inflammation or infection.

Early-stage CFS patients also had elevated levels of interleukin-17A, which is a biomarker of a faulty immune system. The elevated biomarker levels is similar to an engine overheating for an extended period of time and finally shuts down without warning. The interleukin-17A fails to subside after dealing with an infection, resulting to a weaker immune system.

According to Hornig, their study will help accelerate the establishment of diagnosis after individuals first fall ill. She also said it would accelerate the process of discovering new treatment strategies that focus on early biomarkers that have the potential to “overheat”.

New Anti-Aging Procedure Approved by Government Agency

One of the hottest topics among people around the world is how to roll back the years of time and look younger. Unfortunately, the vast majority of “solutions” out there are nothing more than scam products, designed to separate hard working people from their money.

That is why a procedure called “Ultherapy” has been gaining a lot of attention recently, due mainly to the fact that it is approved by the FDA and backed by real success stories.


The man behind Ultherapy is a surgeon called Dr Craig Vander Kolk, and he has demonstrated the non-invasive procedure for multiple TV stations around America. In a nutshell, this new anti-aging procedure gives a lift to areas such as the jawline, neck, and eye areas of the face.

Mr Kolk commented, “It actually uses sound to generate energy and lift, tighten and create new collagen.”

If you are interested in this new procedure then you will be pleased to hear that it only lasts around 75 minutes and is not painful at all.

However, many people will be put off by the high cost of Ultherapy, as it currently costs over $2500 and only lasts for 2 years. With this in mind, it is definitely NOT something that will appear to the masses.

A far cheaper alternative to Ultherapy is a sweet potato and rice based supplement called Phytoceramides. The average cost of a bottle is only around $30 for a 1 months supply, and when used on a regular basis it has been proven to reduce wrinkles on many different areas of the face, such as the jawline, cheeks, eyes, and forehead.

You might be wondering where can i buy phytoceramides and get a money back guarantee? Without a doubt, the best place to buy Phytoceramides is Amazon, as there are many respected sellers on the site with thousands of positive reviews from real customers just like you.

Unfortunately, phytoceramides are not yet available to purchase in stores such as Walmart, Walgreens or K-Mart, although if they continue to sell at a rapid rate and rise in popularity then you could soon see them on the shelves in your favorite store.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to your expectations and budget. If you can afford to pay over $2500 and are prepared to keep having the procedure every 2 years, then Ultherapy could very well be a good solution.

Ultimately though, Phytoceramides is the clear choice for the masses, and at $30 a bottle you really can’t go wrong.

Dropping the plan for minimum alcohol pricing

There is a huge possibility that the plan for minimum alcohol pricing will be dropped because the support towards the proposal has not been firm. It was reported that the Conservative ministers were not one in support of the proposal. The Prime Minister has been supporting the said minimum alcohol pricing proposal. The UK government also consulted the price for a unit of alcohol to 45p. It just so happened that there cabinet ministers who did not agree about the plan.

The government has been arguing about the plan of introducing the new price per unit because it was reported that if the said minimum price would take place, it can lower the levels of crimes that is related to alcohol drinking. It was also said to improve one’s health when they wouldn’t be drinking too much alcohol.The UK government has considered many steps in making it possible for consumers not to have too much intake of alcoholic beverages. It considers the ban of promotions on alcoholic drinks like having the offer of buying two units for the price of one.

Since the government has introduced the minimum alcohol price to 45p per unit, most of the health campaigners wanted the price to be higher. They have proposed a minimum of 50p per unit of alcohol. A consultation will be made and all the suggestions will be considered during the 10-week consultation regarding the proposal. In England and in Wales 45p per unit was introduced and in Scotland, there will be plans of introducing the 50p per unit.

Northern Ireland Having Troubles With A&E Breaches in Five Health Trusts

A local news network discovered that five Northern Ireland health trusts have breached their A&E waiting time and targets. The network has found that performances in Northern and Belfast trusts were extremely inadequate. The year-end figures show the high pressure of the accident and emergency departments in the area.

It was estimated that a total of 10,213 breaches were committed by five of the health trusts. These are patients who weren’t seen within the 12-hour target which patients must be seen. In 2010-2011, there were only 7,386 of these patients who were not met within 12 hours of their waiting time in the hospitals. However, an estimated 80% of patients were admitted within their arrival during the last year.

John Compton, the medical board’s chief executive are said to meet with other board members to discuss the issues that raise the many problems of the emergency departments in North Ireland. Health committee briefing papers suggest that there was a 751% rise in the breaches of A%E in the country since 2007.

Many health officials, including the health minister and the Health and Social Care Board’s chief executive claim that the service cannot be sustained properly in the near future.

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