The importance of social media marketing

Marketing is an activity or process of promoting products or services to consumers. Whether you sell scented candles online or are a personal trainer no matter what field you are in social media has taken hold. Social media marketing involves the use of various social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter etc to promote products and services. The social networks are growing very fast ; it’s therefore important to invest in them to promote products and services to potential customers. Social media marketing requires an appropriate strategy.

An appropriate strategy will help you set clear goals,decide on the social media that is most appropriate,target your audience effectively etc. Some of the benefits as outlined by the experts at this brand research company of using social media as a marketing tool are:

1. Social media marketing increases brand’s awareness

Majority of small businesses use social media to attract potential customers. It also helps new customers to identify your brand which offers a similar product or service to that of competitors.

2. Social media marketing builds real relationships

It helps you to interact freely with your customers. You get to know what they like, dislike on the product or service you are offering. This will help you to make modifications where necessary.

3. It builds brand loyalty

Pauline Jones runs a waterfall taps business and also this turkey gift site and notes “Customers become loyal to your brand. Interaction and socialization eliminates the formality of a corporation for huge institutions. This makes customers part of your organization. It bridges the “gap” that exists with your customers. Loyalty will lead to repeat purchases which inturn leads to more profits for the company.”

4. Marketing through social media helps you to convert more opportunities

Not every interaction enhances conversion but a positive one increases the likelihood of conversion. Therefore every post made on social media platform is a chance for customers to convert.

5.Social media marketing is cost-effective in advertising

It is a cheap method of advertising your products. Promotion costs are low which is an advantage because it increases return on investment. This method of marketing is therefore a big thing for any business willing to reach as many customers as possible.This is because customers are the reason for existence of any business.