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Stirling University Innovation Park To Have First National Sports Business Grounds

The 700-company “Sports Hive” located in Scotland’s Stirling University Innovation Park intends to improve Scotland’s sports industry by bringing together all related parties including students. The “Sports Hive” will have six of its businesses mentored by industry experts to help grow their respective businesses.

Aside from technology, new exercises, drills, programs, supplements and bio-monitoring technologies could surface from the Sports Hive in Stirling. According to Programme Manager Ryan Carenduff, Scotland is brimming with Scottish sports entrepreneurs with big ideas on improving sports services and technologies.

He said the Sports Hive intends to support the vision of the new entrepreneurs and startups and the Hive would facilitate working with the world’s best startup mentors in France, USA, Canada and even Australia. From children’s aids, innovators are looking more on new energy drinks, training apparel, powerful supplements and other areas that sports could need a technological or innovative boost.

The initiative to improve Scotland’s sports industry began in 2010 after a project called “Sporting Chance Initiative” collected all 700 companies that are growing in number to further innovations in Scotland’s sports trade. Focused mainly on startups and small companies, the Sports Hive includes some of Scotland’s athletic heroes including professional swimming instructor Michael Harkins and his project to create the “Turtle Pack,” a children’s flotation buoy.