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‘Paris Navigating Gym’ To Propel Through Seine River By Human Power

To save the environment, renewable energy innovations will be needed. Europe’s developed nations need a solution to their increasing population and enormous carbon footprint. Designer Caro Ratti of Carlo Ratti Associati proposes the best way to travel Seine River is through a boat powered by human exercise and solar cells.

The “Paris Navigating Gym” harvests human energy by having its passengers work out in treadmills and bicycles while offering a scenic journey across the Seine River. Commuters — and possibly tourists — could leave their bags aside, put on their gym clothes and sweat out their journey. Incentives include traveling free if one meets the cutoff for the boat’s energy needs.

The boat would feature gym equipment installed near open windows with augmented reality glass. The glass would act as a monitor of health and exercise for the passenger — providing information about the amount of calories and fats they burned and the amount of energy they contributed to the boat.

Carlo Ratti said the “Paris Navigating Gym” is fascinating because “one can see the energy generated by a gym workout propel a boat.” Scenic views offered to energy sources/ passengers working out also make it easier to take one’s mind off biking or running in treadmills. If the energy from passengers is insufficient, the boat also uses its photovoltaic cells to collect energy from the Sun and preserve it for the next trip.

According to Ratti’s designers, the boat only needs eight months to produce. Should public support be strong for the boats, they can streamline a production line for the boats that will run in the Seine River.