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Brazil Is Just Steps Away From A Coup

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s government is just a few steps away from spiralling into political chaos.

However, an expert believes Brazil is on course to a “soft coup”. A change of hands with the government without the bloodshed, armies and bloodshed.

Corruption charges against Rousseff’s government had dominated Brazilian local media. International news have only to show Brazil’s political engagement between the left and right parties.

According to Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of California Assistant Professor Hector Perla, there’s more than just corruption or opportunism from Rousseff’s enemies to prey on her current government and its vulnerability.

It’s been normal practice for the right-wing parties to try and deter right wing parties. By opposing left-wing politicians heavily, right-wingers often resort to institutional, non-electoral and undemocratic means.

Meanwhile, accusation against Rouseff are quite weak. Evidence isn’t present to link Rousseff to corruption scandals they accuse her of.

However, the Brazilian speaker of the House, Eduardo Cunha, was named in the Panama Papers as taking bribes from a multinational corporation involving Petrobras.

A judge ordered Brazil’s wiretapping of calls between Rousseff and her mentor Lula Da Silva. The transcripts of their conversations were released to the public. The information was manipulated, according to Perla, to the advantage of right-wing organisations and news outlets.

Perla believes what happens next in Brazil will have long-term effects on socialist governments throughout Latin America.

Middle East Situation Proving Unresolvable

According to observers, Russia held the key to wrest Palmyra from the Islamic State’s palms.

Working with Syrian regime forces, the combined might of the Russian Spetsnaz helped push back the militants.

Observers note that the Spetsnaz are working closer than US Special Forces, which only operate at the back-end and logistics of Iraqi troops and allied nations.

The Syrian Regime’s troops have become more effective. Observers said it would need to watch closely how the Regime army functions as Russia calls for a pullout in its Syrian operations.

Observers and journalists also note that the Middle East situation proves unresolvable as key Western allies have conflicted relationships.

The United States believes the Kurdish forces are crucial in defeating the Islamic State. Turkey considers the Kurdish PKK a terrorist group to the likes of the Hamas.

Russia’s volatile actions in the Middle East achieved ground for the Syrian regime. Russia is not allied with the United States and the United States is opposed to the Syrian regime’s actions.

US and Russia ties are increasingly tense as Russia’s increasing aggression is escalating matters in Eastern Europe.

Starting with Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, many Eastern European countries are calling for wider NATO and allied presence in the area.