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Small Claims Limits Rise To £5000 Unfair To Motor Accident Personal Injury Victims

Chancellor George Osborne has announced plans to raise the small claims court limit from £1000 to £5000 to address minor soft tissue personal injuries caused by motor accidents. The plans were to help the insurance industry recuperate from losing almost £2 billion yearly from exaggerated and fraudulent claims. Motorists are also forced to pay an additional £90 in insurance premiums because of the large illicit payouts to exaggerators.

The Law Society condemned the proposal, stating that victims will not have sufficient legal advice as they step into the small claims court. According to analysts, the £5000 limit will not guarantee legal representation as the defending insurer will not pay for your legal representative.

According to analysts, the small claims process is also insufficient in dissecting all aspects of personal injury involved.

The Law Society also condemned the proposals as it would disable legal assistance for many victims. Victims without any previous experience of claiming for an injury will have no proper idea of their injury’s value. It would also mean defending insurers can compress everything below £5000 for your injuries.

It would also force many victims to settle their claims with the insurer without any legal advice.

Paris Environmental Protests Moves Global

With the Paris gathering for the environment cancelled as the risk of a terrorist attack from the previous week was still imminent, the movement has gone to different cities in the world.

Crowds of hundreds and thousands marched in different capitals including Sydney, the Philippines, London and even New York have marched last Sunday to call on to the COP21 gathering to create a strong climate change deal.

People held up placards stating “climate justice” and “keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

In Paris, a shoe protest wherein about 10,000 pairs of shoes remained in front of the COP21 meeting became a symbol of protest.

Violence escalated after anti-capitalists and anarchists threw their shoes and used fireworks, wherein the police

In London, despite 40MPH gusts, polar-bear costumed protesters held solar panels  and laid on the ground as they highlight the impact of global warming in the world. About 50,000 people had gathered in the protests.

Around the world, 2,200 marches were seen in Madrid and Rome where about 20,000 people protested to have their message across. In Australia, more than 40,000 people marched in Sydney and about 3,000 people marched in Canberra.

Analysts said a signing of legally binding treaties would mean the end of reckless consumption, exploitation and greed and a proper system for the world to follow in both production and development.