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Europe Tightens Its Borders Bracing For Migrant Crisis

In an attempt to control the influx of refugees from Syria’s four million displaced citizens, Germany is asking for Turkey’s support in curbing the number of refugees coming from Turkey and the Middle East to Europe.


The EU is pleading against Turkey to aid in the newest plan to control and set a uniform approach in handling the Syrian refugee crisis.

It involves Turkey receiving financial support and manpower from the EU nations to curb the flow of Syrian refugees migrating from the Middle East to the EU to guarantee their safety.

Turkey To Control The Flow Of Syrian Refugees

Turkey is tasked to control the flow of Syrian refugees as the EU prepares to re-settle huge numbers or refugees on EU territory.

Turkish authorities are not quick to pick up the plan. According to an anonymous Turkish official, the EU is in a hurry. He said Turkey, having housed more than two million refugees for four years since the incident began, has fulfilled all that the EU is asking it to do. He agreed that funding must be increased along with some other needs Turkey needs to have in the draft.

European Commission Chief Jean-Claude Juncker presented a draft action plan to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last October 5.

Does Not Compute

President Erdogan said Turkey houses more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees and 300,000 Iraqis fleeing from ISIS militants.

It has not formally approved the plan as the country needs to look at its strained economy and its decreasing resources in maintaining the lives of the two millions Syrians it houses.

Meanwhile, Europe has agreed to take more than 507,000 Syrian refugees should Turkey agree with the EU’s proposal.

Russia and France Hold Talks Amid Syrian Action

France, one of the first countries to ally with the United States to conduct airstrikes against IS targets in Iraq and Syria, intends to clarify whether Russian airstrikes were “indiscriminate” towards West and Arab-sponsored rebels.

The United States pointed out Russian airstrikes have targeted civilians and other neutral targets in Jisr al-Shughour. Russia said the first airstrike destroyed 12 ISIS infrastructures, including a command centre. Russia had denied the claims and said it is attacking US targets only

Peace Efforts For Ukraine

French President Francois Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet in Paris to discuss peace efforts involving the rebellion in Ukraine and the Russian Crimea annexation, which violates several UN regulations. However, analysts believe the two would discuss in majority Russia’s actions in the Syrian crisis.

Russia claims to have hit several IS resource centres and command centres. Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia is fighting other terrorist groups. he said Russia is not supporting anyone against their own people.

Russian Dangers

Russia’s continuous airstrikes, which Russian officials estimate to last from three to four months, could have grave implications against the country.

US intelligence points out Russia did not target IS-held areas. Russia’s attack on Jisr al-Shughour, where no IS rebels reside, could mean devastating consequences for Russia. The US also reported a US-trained rebel group was hit by the Russian airstrikes.

Syrian opposition groups said the airstrikes had killed civilians, which Russia denies.