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Banks Are On Full Alert Regarding Crowdfunding

Kickstarter’s plethora of investors surfing the Internet can be business leaders or just that guy in his bedroom watching series online and ends up stumbling upon a compelling idea. Alongside Venture Capitalists, private investors are now armchair investors who lend or even stake their own money to get an item they could rarely have, or something they really prefer.

Angel investors are wary of the new revolution surrounding global finance, namely crowdfunding.

They said the Internet had transformed the way people communicate and interact. The fast dissemination of information, coupled with easier access to monetary accounts, has allowed anybody who owns a smartphone or mobile device to participate in lending or taking equity. Scales are smaller and identity proofs through clients make investing seamless compared to the stock market.

Investors are looking at social networks and Internet services replacing banking systems. Bitcoin’s blockchain transcription allows for anonymous transactions and faster monetary transfer. Social networks have millions of consumers wherein they could create their own financial systems and abandon banks all together.

All these new financial possibilities and investing could pave the way for a new generation of investors who could just surf the internet, invest where they want and grow their money without as much of a hassle unlike before.

Australian Local Landholders Challenge Chinese Coalmining Company Over Koalas

The $1.2 billion Shenhua coalmine project is faced with a litigation from local landholders who launched a legal challenge to the New South Wales government approval process due to the dangers the mining activities poses on the Koalas.

The Upper Mooki Landcare group has challenged the Shenhua Watermark mine project because it threatns the population of koalas at risk of extinction in Australia. New South Wales government soruces said the landcare group had a strong case and it may force close the project should it lose at the NSW land and environment court.

According to Shenhua Watermark Project Manager Paul Jackson, the approval meant the local government had approved the company’s environmental assessments. He trusts the outcome to be the opposite of the Upper Mooki Landcare group’s perspective.

“As the matter is currently being considered by the court it would not be appropriate for the company to speculate on outcomes until a decision has been handed down,” Jackson said.

A case parallel to the Carmichael Mine’s setback as it would drive two vulnerable Australian animal species, the Yakka Skink and the Ornamental Snake into extinction, Shenhua Watermark’s case is the next in line.

However, the protests against large-scale environmental projects will be limited by a new Abbott-government approved limitations against environmental groups challenging large resource projects.