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As Greek Referendum Closes, Greeks Try To Remain Calm And Collected

Greeks have been lining up next to ATMs before the National Bank closes. While this is not a signifier that Greeks are trying to stay calm, they try their best.

If the Greek government decides to stand firm with its decision to refuse EU austerity, Greece will be the first developed nation to fail to pay its debts to the IMF, EC and ECB, the “troika”of international finance. Greece owes the IMF a whopping sum of €1.6 billion by 5pm Tuesday, local time.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras refused the bailout package as the austerity-battered nation has had its poor and retired refused their welfare and public services have a shortage of funding. Tsipras had left the decision for Greece with the referendum that will allow the voting of yes or no to the EU austerities in exchange for the third bailout package for the country.

Some greeks said they have been trying to remain calm and have tried not to be nervous by maintaining their habits and not changing their daily lives. However, pensioners, heavily hit by the austerities and the lack of public funding, find it difficult to get money with the government’s strict limit of €60 withdrawal per day.

US Airstrikes Hit 2013 Algerian Attack Leader

In Libya, the US carried out an airstrike in Libya on the suspected location of 2013 Algerian attack mastermind Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The Libyan government confirms the death of the leader by the attack of multiple American F-15E fighter jets.

However, intelligence sources said the claim lacks forensic proof to declare the mastermind was dead.

Multiple bombs were dropped to the target zone.

Intelligence officials are on the watch for official website mournings by terrorist groups.

Col. Steven H. Warren said the hit on Mokhtar was confirmed.

Mokhtar was named the Prince of his entourage and considered the last major survivor of North African Jihadists.

French raids have eliminated the other leaders.

Mokhtar was once part of the Algerian civil war fighting group in the 1990s. He took up smuggling and kidnapping for ransom and has been involved in terrorists raids in 2008.

Belmokhtar is closely tied to the al-Qaeda terrorist group representation in the Islamic Maghreb and the affiliate in North Africa. He had also lead the Al Multhameen Battalion, which the US State Department considers a foreign terrorist organisation in 2013.

China’s Internet Censor To Check Local Social Media For Illegal Content

Chinese censorship reaches maximum as Chinese authorities prepare to censor “illegal and harmful” online information. It would be making its efforts more visible as it establishes “internet policemen” to enforce the law.

The “internet police” would be establishing their investigations in 50 areas from Beijing to Jiangsu province.

Sina Weibo, the biggest social media network in China, is the prime target of the metropolitan police.

Authorities received authorisation after the public complained about online gambling, pornography and illegal transactions as the police strives to create a harmonious, cultured, clear and bright internet.

Aside from the said problems, the “internet police” are to root out cyber-criminals and straighten out “improper dialogue and deeds online. They said that all crimes, as such in the real world, would not go unpunished in the Internet.

So far, the authorities had deleted 758,000 pieces of “illegal and criminal information upon investigating more than 70,000 cybercrime cases since the start of the year.

The Ministry of Public Security, spearheading the initiative, believes that illegitimate information in the Internet could change the rule of the Communist party. It may also threaten stability.