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Shell Risks Catastrophic Climate Change With New Strategy

According to environmentalists, Shell’s new strategy may just make global temperatures rise by 4 degrees Celsius. Shell had even approved the strategy and acknowledged the global climate change in an internal document retrieved by environmental groups.

Shell’s prospects were written on paper that guides the future business planning of the company. The paper assumed that the carbon dioxide emissions would fail to limit temperature increases to 2 degrees Celsius.

The News Lens Scenarios document had referred to the International Energy Agency that indicated a temperature increase up to 4C and 6C should Shell give a go signal for its new strategies, which involve digging a huge hole in the Arctic Ocean

Protesters had gone off in Seattle seas with kayaks, canoes and paddleboards to protest against Shell’s new plan. Calling the protests “Shell No”, they protested against Shell’s Polar Pioneer drilling rig.

According to Shell Chief Executive Ben Van Beurden, the Fossil Fuel Giant does not do away the need to restrain global warming and counter it. However, the acceptance of the board regarding the 4C global temperature increase is undeniable.

Environmental Group and Climate Campaigner Greenpeace said Shell and IEA intend for fossil fuel industries to continue despite increased global warming.

“What I don’t see is a realisation from Shell about what exactly would happen to its business if climate change escalated dramatically beyond what is safe with all the negative consequences in the world for food and water never mind energy,” said Climate Campaigner for Greenpeace Charlie Kronick.

The Reality of the NHS Staff Situation

Almost every UK political party promises to increase the number of health workers to improve the quality of service the NHS delivers. But if one were to ask, how many people does the NHS need to keep on track?

Most politicians choose to exaggerate the figure knowingly and unwittingly. Some have promised more than 38,000 new health workers for the NHS. However, the problem may lie a bit deeper.

Workforce pressure in the NHS has continued to grow. This had increased the attrition rate in the NHS. New technology designed to reduce the number of face-to-face conversations and instead use advanced communications technology such as Skype and others may help reduce this.

However, according to Nuffield Trust Chief Executive Nigel Edwards, he is less than voting for technology to encourage more staff.

He stressed that hands-on care and having people on hand is essential for any healthcare service. Edwards believed that the sort of staff should be specified to completely address the situation.

Kings Fund’s Richard Murray said that GPs aren’t the only people needed to improve the services. It is highly possible that practice and district nurses are the only ones needed.

However, Health Education England’s survey indicate that most employees in the NHS do not resign because of their new tasks and other new details. It was because of the low salary.