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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Now Considered A Biological Illness

The Centre For Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health concluded that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is a immunological dysfunction and not a psychological problem.

According to Director Mady Hornig, they now have evidence that confirms that the disease is not caused by psychological troubles.

Their research hypothesizes that CFS could be triggered in a “hit-and-run” fashion that follows a common infection. Biomakers created by the immune system in those with the disease had less difference in people who had had it for three years.

It showed higher amounts of cytokines or immune system response molecules, on individuals who had it for a shorter time. Cytokines activate when there’s an inflammation or infection.

Early-stage CFS patients also had elevated levels of interleukin-17A, which is a biomarker of a faulty immune system. The elevated biomarker levels is similar to an engine overheating for an extended period of time and finally shuts down without warning. The interleukin-17A fails to subside after dealing with an infection, resulting to a weaker immune system.

According to Hornig, their study will help accelerate the establishment of diagnosis after individuals first fall ill. She also said it would accelerate the process of discovering new treatment strategies that focus on early biomarkers that have the potential to “overheat”.

Apple Possibly Building an Electric Car

According to an anonymous Apple insider’s message to the Business Insider, Apple is currently working on an all-electric car design that would “change the landscape to give Tesla a run for its money.”

Tesla, the current champion of electric car design and innovation, has recently released its top models after their Model S Sedan. The P85D is shaping up to be another industry leader. But according to the investigation of Wall Street Journal “people familiar with the matter” claim that several hundred people in Apple are working on project “Titan.”

The leak and investigation reveal that Apple has acquired 50 former Tesla engineers and other emloyees, including Steve Zadesky, Ford’s former engineer. He is now Apple’s product design vice president.

Former Ford Designer Marc Newson, who designed the 1999 021C concept car design, is possibly participating in project Titan and possibly future products. He is well-known for his very smooth product aesthetic for cameras, smart watches, and other technologies.

Analysts from said that Apple’s electric car plans would create serious criticism and support from the public. Consumer and the media have been looking forever to find something amazing and revolutionary from Apple since the iPhone, iPad and its other personalized products.’s Kristian Markus said that it makes sense if Apple is venturing into the electric vehicle market. It becomes a representation for Apple’s boldness. It is also possibly the next level of integration the iOS needs, especially Siri, who could do wonders as a real virtual assistant in a vehicle.