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US Increases Pressure for Russia to Play Vital Role in Malaysian Air Crash

US President Barack Obama has increased pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to ask rebels to maintain the sidelines and allow an international investigation team in the Malaysian Airlines Crash Site. Obama said that Putin has a responsibility and capability to sway the rebels in the right direction.

Obama had cleared up a moral case for Putin to follow. He said the right thing to do for the families of the downed aircraft was to allow them to know the truth about the death of their loved ones. Obama said the burden is now on Russia to stop the rebels from tampering with evidence and allow investigators to survey the crash site.

Russia is in a difficult diplomatic situation. After annexing Crimea, European and Western countries have sanctioned the country. However, the Ukrainian political instability is aggravated further by the MH17 shoot-down. Russia’s military movements in the Ukrainian border and suspected support for Pro- Russian rebels put their efforts further towards world condemnation.

According to political analysts, Putin is a very crude man, and he is not bound to do things smoothly.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak had contacted the pro-Russian rebel leader Alexander Borodai and had retrieved the two black boxes of the downed aircraft.


Israel’s Divisions United As Country Holds Funeral for Three Teenagers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declared Tuesday as the “day of mourning” for the three Israeli teenagers, who were kidnapped and murdered coming from the West Bank after a day of hitchhiking. The Israeli military found their bodies on Monday, 19 days after they went missing. Tens of thousands of Israelis journeyed to the hilltop funeral, and local media televised the proceedings.

According to journalists, the funeral had united the entire Israel into a single community mourning for their loss. Hardline Israelites and more liberal members of society joined together to mourn for the three innocent lives. They also described the proceedings as solemn as a state funeral.

Some attendees said that they were uplifted somewhat of the unity the funeral has brought to the entire Israel.

Parents of the deceased delivered their eulogies, and Netanyahu had praised the strength of the parents of Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Fraenkel, and said they were a blessing to the nation. He said that the three teenagers reminded them of what Israel was and why they are there.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu swore vengeance against the Hamas, bombing 34 of their bases in the West bank. Under pressure for public satiation, Israel may launch a massive offensive against the Hamas, who political analysts see will not back down even if they have not denied or committed the atrocities.