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US Involvement in Southeast Asian Island Troubles China

According to Chinese and US political analysts, China’s new framework proposal for security cooperation in Asia also sends a veiled warning to the United States to keep out of Asian waters. Chinese President Xi Jinping said “the provocation and escalation of tensions for selfish interests should be opposed” During the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, which included representatives from Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

All three countries mentioned earlier were involved in a territorial dispute with China.

According to political analysts, China was sending a message to the United States that it has to get used to China’s rise in economic significance. It was also a message to the Southeast Asian countries who had made security agreements with the US.

According to Professor of International Affairs at Renmin University of China, Pang Zhongying, the US’ involvement in territorial disputes had made things worse and had only emboldened its allies. He said it was time to tell the United States that it is not needed to interfere in Asian affairs.

The involvement of the United States had also deepened the division of countries in Asia, which had also affected economic and strategic cooperation in the area, according to Ruan Zongze. The Vice President of the China Institute of International Studies said that many countries tend to give up their diplomatic efforts to boost their illegal claims over territory and sea.


US Military Aid to Egypt May Be Misused

US Officials are worrying that the Egyptian Military aid sent by the United States, which includes funding and 10 Apache attack helicopters to help Egypt’s situation in Sinai, may be misused by the Egyptian government. Recently, the Apache choppers had fired rockets into houses in the Sinai Peninsula indiscriminately. According to the Egyptian military, it was an attack against an al-Qaeda linked group who had bombed civilians in the past.

However, the group is not part of the al-Qaeda network but shares the militant ideology. It had claimed credit for bombing a bus that killed three South Korean tourists and an Egyptian driver in Sinai and had downed a Russian chopper of the Egyptian Army using a ground-to-air missile.

US Officials find the use of the choppers proper, but they find the aggressiveness of the attacks may inspire fear and alienate civilians, which may further spur favour to anti-American sentiment and join the terrorist groups in Sinai.

US Members of Congress had put up the question that the Egyptian government’s tactics may be indiscriminate and uncalculated. It would also result in the loss of trust from civilians especially if the military’s attempts cannot produce desired results, such as the elimination of the group or maximum safety.