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US Sends 10 Apache Attack Helicopters to Egypt to Serve Security Interests

Many protesters are questioning why the United States is sending in 10 Apache Helicopters to Egypt. According to Pentagon Spokesman Colonel Steve Warren, they have identified a very significant mutual national security interest. The 10 Apache Helicopters from the United States Egypt will use against combating terrorism in Sinai.

Some student protests have clashed with Egyptian police in relation to the support provided by the United States and because of Egypt’s “rocky” transition back to democracy.

According to Program on Arab Politics at the Washington Institute Director David Schenker, terrorism in the Middle East, including Egypt, is a growing concern. The terrorists of Sinai is growing in influence, and this ungoverned space had been underserved by previous Egyptian governments.

Al-Qaeda link militants continue to use Sinai as a means to penetrate Egypt and the helicopters will prove an effective weapon. Russian helicopters were also considered for the task.

The Pentagon had also said that it was in the best interest of the United States to ensure Egypt’s security in the region. Political analysts said that the US support can help ease the tensions between the two countries.

The US said that they would also ensure that the Egyptian government does not use the helicopters against civilians, something that many protesters fear from their military-backed interim government.


Kim Jong Un Said That US Hostilities Will Not Be Tolerated

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un said that he and North Korea will not tolerate the hostilities caused by the new US policy, which had created frictions between the two Koreas. According to the North Korean Leader, the United States trampled the peace talks between South and North korea by engaging in joint military drills with South Korea.

North Korea views the annual routine between the US and South Korea as a “preparation” for helping North Korea invade South Korea.

According to Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean Military and people will not tolerate the “US Policy of Hostility” and he had vowed to crush it thoroughly.

North and South Korea had held the first high-level peace talks in February this year. Despite the end of the month had South Korea and the United States military exercises beginning at the end of February, there was not protest from North Korea and further high-level meetings and greater cooperation ensued.

However, North Korea’s mood changed and in the last few weeks they the country had conducted a series of rocket and missile tests that saw the firing of two medium-range ballistic missiles and shelled the waters of South Korea. South Korea retaliated from the volley by firing shells into the waters of North Korea.