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Iran Starts Eliminating Part of its Uranium Stockpile this January

After negotiating a relief from its sanctions from the United Nations Security Council, Iran will begin to eliminate part of its uranium stockpile on January 20. According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, Iran’s nuclear program will cease to advance and many parts of it will roll back.

Iranian officials confirmed the date for the deal.

Iran will eliminate its stockpile of higher levels of enriched uranium and begin to dismantle and stop developing infrastructures dedicated to the enrichment process. They have also agreed to allow representatives from UN to monitor the nuclear facilities and ensure the country is taking the required steps. In turn, some sanctions against the country would be eased. Iran said that it would boost uranium enrichment levels of the US imposes more sanctions against the country

Frozen Iranian assets and relief totalling $7 billion will be freed up periodically to help Iran’s economy.

Obama had promised that he would not be imposing additional sanctions while the negotiation process is still ongoing. However, he said that if Iran should not fulfil its responsibilities, the US will step up its sanctions without hesitation.

However, some do not agree with the deal. According to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Representative Ed Royce of California, the agreement still leaves Iran with a nuclear weapon despite the reductions given.