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Syria Parties Agree to Be Present on Geneva 2 Talks

According to the Syrian Government and the Syrian National Coalition representatives, they will present themselves during the UN-planned Geneva 2 Talks that will focus on attaining a diplomatic solution to the Syrian civil war, which has lasted for more than 2 years. However, both sides have different expectations of the outcomes of the talks.

The Syrian opposition had voiced a transitional government emerging without present Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The government had also said that it will not go to the conference to hand power to the opposition.

The Geneva 2 Talks are scheduled on January 22 and it will be the first face-to-face conversation between the Syrian National Coalition representatives and President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry confirmed that Assad will be sending his official delegation to the conference. It said that it would be going to the conference not to surrender, but to find a political solution for Syria’s future.

The Opposition said that a consensus to meet the Syrian regime at the Geneva 2 was reached.

Iranian and Turkish foreign ministers called for a ceasefire for all government forces because only through a halt in fighting could peace talks become established.