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Obama Calls on International Effort to Ban Chemical Weapons

American President Barack Obama had called on the international community to ensure the ban on chemical weapons and not just Syria during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York this Tuesday. Obama pointed out that the UN Security Council resolution must ensure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will hand over every last stockpile of chemical weapons the country has.

Obama assured that the United States will use everything in its power to ensure the protection of all US interests in the Middle East, including Egypt, which is now having a civil unrest after its leader was toppled by the military.

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the United States is trying to sabotage the UN Security Council resolution with forceful will to use force even if the Syrian government fails to comply with their responsibilities.

Obama also addressed in the UN General Assembly that Iran is pursuing a lighter course in its nuclear programme as Iranian Foreign Minister Hassan Rouhani had approached the United States and the UN to ease the sanctions imposed on the country. According to Obama, America appreciates the effort and will pursue the diplomatic path with the country working with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China

Syrian Rebels Say that US Military Strike “Will Do No Good”

According to Syria’s rebels against the regime, the US military strike will be in vain as it is already too late as it would only destroy broken properties and not achieve anything for both sides. The rebels said that the Syrian government would only see it as “gratified actions” as the western countries “blow their top off” due to their frustration to do anything in the past few years.

Reporters inside Syria said that the Syrian military has some “secret weapons” that would allow them to defend themselves against any US military strike.

They said that citizens, soldiers and rebels were aware of the US’ campaign to lead a military strike against the Syrian government. Developments in pre-emptive military strategies were also evident. The military radar system in Damascus International Airport had been dismantled and many heavy vehicles, including aircrafts, missiles and tanks were hidden from plain view. The Syrian government had also hidden computers and other information banks from possible hit trajectories.

Reporters said that Syrian rebels believe that the military strike will only achieve little because of its imprecise strike. Critical buildings may be hit, but military commanders and other key figures will not be located inside. The fighting will still continue despite attempts of the western world to equalize everything.