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Police Van in flame due to a Blast in India

An improvised explosive device blew three cars last Wednesday morning near BJP’s main office including a police van, a motorcycle containing the bomb parked near the van. Ganesh Rao, a policeman standing near the van was reported injured in the incident. Notwithstanding, the explosion caused no damage to the residents living near the area because the motorcycle was parked in between the cars and the police van which immerse the explosion from all directions. As stated by some of the local residents the streets of Jaganath Bhavan were noiseless aside from the police van that had arrived although it usually was a problem on parking in the area during normal days.

Policemen were standing near the area as part of their security for the BJP office while others were about to drink some tea in stores around the area. The wounded policeman, Ganesh Rao, 50 years old was hurt by the glasses and sharp objects in his face and body which came from the explosion. According to his colleague, N Chandarappa, Rao is safe from the tragedy although he fell and bleeds. 11 of the 16 people wounded from the blasts were policemen from the police van that exploded. Police said that 20 policemen were in the area. DCP N Siddaramappa addede that if not for their truck parked near the area, the incident would have caused many victims.

From the CCTV footage, the blast was assumed to be 10:28 am. Residents said that they did not saw the motorcycle parked at 8 am in the morning. In close neighborhoods, one aged woman was injured in her head when a sharp object hit her window. Windows and other interiors were destroyed. Other than that no one was reported to be injured.