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Boeing can possibly not determine the cause of Dreamliner malfunction

The cause of the battery malfunctions in the Dreamliner aircrafts have not yet been determined in by Boeing which results to all the 787 aircrafts of being hold to fly. The general manager from Boeing Larry Loftis in 787 division admitted the issue.
50 Dreamliners operating with different airlines around the world are now being repaired and replaced by battery systems.

In a few weeks Boeing reckons to resume their plane services. Battery designs for the aircrafts are being approved by the US aircraft regulators last Friday. Mr. Loftis stated in the reports that there is a possibility that the cause of the aircraft malfunction cannot be distinguish.He added that it is not natural not to determine the cause of the malfunction. So the best way to practice is to search for possible causes and try to make actions for it.

Two major malfunctions have followed the Dreamliner’s incidents last January related to two lithium-ion batteries. First happened last January 7 when one of the batteries overheated that cause fire in Japan Airlines 787 at Boston’s Logan International Airport.All Nippon Airways 787 made an urgent landing in Japan when the battery produced smoke nine days after the first incident.Mr. Loftis stated that Boeing had to place 200,000 engineer hours to fix up the problem with all the staff working for almost 24 hours.More improved batteries are being produced. Mr. Lotis added that the newer batteries can be less hard work and can be used in a cooler temperature.

Graduate Student died in Boston Marathon bombing

Boston mourns for the death of a Chinese graduate student who was one of the three people killed during the Boston Marathon bombings. She was new in the city and was meeting new friends get familiar in Boston.  The graduate student from China together with her friends was joining the marathon before the incident happened and they were already near the finish line.

Three were killed during the explosion when the two bombs exploded and the graduate student was one of them. The bombs went off 12 seconds before the next blast.  Last Wednesday she was recognized as Lingzi Lu by the Boston University, a graduate student major in mathematics and statics. On the word of Boston University, the other student was stable in Boston Medical center while the third student was not wounded. 183 were reported injured during the explosion.

A simple girl who lives a simple student life and enjoys bonding with her friends. Li Jing, her roommate was never aware of her friend’s death and posted how worried she is for her friend’s absence. Until the Boston University’s president publicized her death through an open letter posted on the school’s website.  News spread in China and many people offered their condolences for the graduate student.

Lu died with Krystle Campbell, 29, and Martin Richard, 8, Lu was a hardworking student who wants to achieve her goals and gained an academic scholarship to the Beijing Institute of Technology in her math expertise. Lu went to take up her master’s degree in statistics in BU. Her friend is still on the processing of recovering in the hospital.

West Fertilizer plant blasts in Waco, Texas

A huge blast was heard at the West Fertilizer plant near Waco at about 19:50 which caused the death of many people. Others are reported to be missing and some are believed to be trapped in buildings including firemen. News conference was held to start the searches in houses and other buildings. The Texas Department Public Safety said that there will be risk of explosions so no firefighters were attempting to get near the area.

Lots of houses and establishments were devastated while others are still on fire. Half the people in the town were moved out. The explosion occurred in the West, a town 20 miles (32 km) north of Waco which has 2,700 people. Witnesses said that they have seen the smoke near the plant and they heard a couple of explosions like of a bomb. No official count on the damages and the number of people who died of the explosion. Two hours after the explosion there were still fire on several buildings including the area near the plant.

Ambulances are approaching the area for the injured people. The chief of Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco, Glenn Robinson treated 66 people injured from the explosion, 38 are seriously hurt.It was reported that before the explosion happened, the plant was seen on fire. 30 minutes after firemen are seen approaching the area and some of them were believed to be missing. Neither could determine the main cause of the blast. West Fertilizer plant blasts happened two days before the 20th anniversary of a fire in a compound nearby Waco. Several members of the sect and agents died on that incident.

Tourists in South Korea warned by North Korea to evacuate

The tension is high as North Korea continues to threaten South Korea and its citizens. The declaration of war by the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un against South Korea has caused a lot of issues and the world has been a witness to how the communist country threatened the South and its allies including the United States.

A lot of reports on the progress on how the North Korean government would push through with their threats and the launching their ballistic missiles are out in the public. The North Korean regime already made attempts to further raise the tension and has given warnings to the tourists in the South to evacuate as early as possible. North Korea’s current warning urged all the foreigners to go out of South Korea because both countries are at war. The said announcement said to have implied that the foreigners are in danger. Reports say that the North would only send the warning because they want the people in South Korea to panic.

The news agency of North Korea broadcasted that they did not want to harm any foreigner in South Korea even if war will push through. The news agency did not further give details on any military buildup near the border of the North and South. The said border is just forty miles away from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. A war analyst has stated that the threats that North Korea has given were the same threats they did in the past. The analyst added that this move by the North Korean government is just trying to elicit aid from the US and Seoul.

Remains of the USS Guardian lifted in the Pilippine’s Tubbataha Reef

The USS Guardian that was reported to have damaged the reef of the Philippines was already lifted in a joint action from both the U.S. and the Philippines. Last Saturday, the remains of the USS Guardian that has weighed 250 tons was taken out from the Philippine seas. It was reported early in January that a U.S. Navy Minesweeper was stuck in the Philippine reef. It took almost two months for the stern to be lifted, according to the news agency from the Philippines.

The team that was consists of both the U.S. and Philippine Navy has collaborated to take the parts that were found in the reef. They have cleaned the excess debris of the USS Guardian on the reef. The salvage operation was lead by Navy Captain, Mark Matthews. The Philippine reef was part of the UNESCO Heritage Site. The reef that was partially damaged is home to a number of 350 species of corals. There are about 500 species of fishes, whales, turtles, and sharks on the reef.

The U.S. Navy has also promised to clean all that is left in the affected part of the reef. They say that they will try their best to restore the country’s famous reef. It was reported by the news agency that the second phase of the salvage operation would involve the recovery and the assessment. Since a lot has helped in the restoration of the reef, including the Philippine Coast Guard, the Navy, and the Tubbataha Reef Park Ranger, it was a lot easier to clean the remains of the USS Guardian. The support that was given has been reported to have minimized any damage that could occur in the reef.