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French Family Kidnapped in Cameroon

Tourists often go to visit other countries to relax and to explore while on a vacation or a short tour. Often times, families would travel in different countries where they find good scenery. It is tragic when some of the tourist experience an incident they did not even expect to happen. In Nigeria, while seven members of a French family were strolling in the National Park in the northern part of Cameroon, they were kidnapped by some of the Islamist rebels who happen to be members of the Boko Haram movement.

The government of France was already informed about the incident and the French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian gave a statement that France will not negotiate with the Islamist rebels instead they will try other possible ways to get the seven members of the family who were abducted. The Nigerian rebels have given their demands in exchange for the lives of the abducted members of the family. The rebel group demanded Nigeria and Cameroon would release the members of the Boko Haram who were jailed. The Defense Minister said that the incident was unacceptable for it was the first time wherein children were part of the hostages. There were four children captivated by the group along with their parents and uncle.

The said family was not tourist in the area since the father was working in a French Company that was situated in Yaounde, the capital of Southern Cameroon. He was said to have work well with the French Foreign Ministry. There were fears felt by the Western citizens for they could probably be the target of the Islamist groups.

Russians Injured in a Meteor Blast

There was chaos all over Central Russia. A meteor was all over the sky after its loud blast that destroyed so many windows in buildings and has injured many people who weren’t aware of the said incident coming. The meteor blast occurred last Friday and has rattled so many Russian residents on areas like the Chelyabinsk. There were so many people affected in the region, many were injured and an estimated number of one thousand were hurt badly because of the unexpected blast. A number of almost three thousand interiors of the buildings were damaged.

The affected areas caused by the meteor blast included many schools and hospitals in Russia. Authorities from the National Center for Emergency Situations have reported the number of casualties and affected areas. There was also a video showing the meteor before its explosion. The said meteor exploded in the morning at around 9:20. There were so many news correspondents who hurriedly reported the blast. Some scientist also explained that the meteor explosion came from the atmosphere and was slowly scattered I some areas in Russia.

The incident made so many people fear and anxious. Moreover, the meteoroid that entered the skies of Russia happens rarely. Moreover, after the incident has occurred, the affected people are still in the hospital and were still treated because of their injuries. The Emergency Ministry in the region of Chelyabinsk which was mostly affected gave a report that among the number of 524 who got injured, a number of 37 people were in the hospitals. The said incident has injured many people because it was a rush hour in Russia when the explosion happened.

Gang Rape in South Africa

If there were two cases of gang rape that have occurred in New Delhi, India just last year, this year another controversial case happened in South Africa, far worse than any other rape cases. A lot of African citizens were outraged about the incident that happened to the victim named Anene Booyson.

Anene, who is just seventeen was raped and brutally killed in Bredasdorp which is located southeast of Cape Town. The government of South Africa has said that the case on women abuse in Africa has been rampant.The neighbors of the rape victim described the incident to be very horrible and it was like treating the woman like an animal. The family of Anene did not want vivid details about how she looked like after she was found by a bodyguard in a construction site just a few miles from where she lived. She was also described to be a very beautiful young woman who doesn’t deserve such treatment.

Apparently, the aunt of the victim knew one suspect for her niece’s death. The accused was said to be one of the family’s friend. Three were arrested and has been charged of rape and murder. According to some locals in South Africa, every four minutes, some of the local radio stations would report an incident on rape. They also claimed that violence against women have been common in the country. After the incident, more protesters were ranting and angered and started protesting to stop the violence against women. The entire nation have the same outcry that was triggered by the recent brutal gang rape case.

British Banks Found Guilty Again

First it was the Credit Crunch, then the mis-selling of PPI and now, the British Bankers’ rap sheet gets longer.  And this time they may have to pick up a £10bn bill.

The Financial Service Authority found that 10 banks had been selling small businesses complex loan deals that would eventually cost them a fortune.  The banks sold small businesses loans that came with interest rate swaps that would protect them from any increases in interest rates. However, however many were not told that if interest rates where to fall like they did, the businesses would have to pay a fortune to get out of the mess.

In the cases the Financial Service Authority has reviewed so far, 90% of loans with interest rate swaps were sold by Barclays, HSBC and the two bailed out banks Lloyds and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Six other big banks also face a thunder storm of compensation cases involving interest rate swaps include the self-professed ethical bank, The Co-operative.

Up to 36,000 businesses may now receive compensation because of the scandal. With the average claim reaching £300,000, the banks may have to pay out a whopping £10bn in compensation for interest rate swap mis-selling.

Furious Watchdogs, Lawyers and MPs ripped into the banks, which have already been found guilty of fiddling Libor interest rates and mis-selling Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).  Anthony Thomson, ex-boss of start-up bank Metro, said those found guilty should be JAILED. He added:  “This isn’t a victimless, anonymous crime. Those responsible should pay the price.”

The Financial Services Authority consumer Chief Martin Wheatley commented:  “The most complex of these products were completely unsuitable. You’re talking about hairdressers, fish-and-chip shops, bed-and-breakfast businesses. They were exploited. They could not possibly have understood the products they were sold.”

All the chief executives of the ‘Big Four’ banks during the mis-selling have since left, just in time to dodge another bullet, the mis-selling of interest rate swap packages.  Barclays, one of the big perpetrators has so far set aside £450million to be paid

The Financial Service Authority’s review of another six banks; Clydesdale, Yorkshire, Santander, the Co-op, Bank Of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank, will be made public sometime in February.

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US Tourist Dead in Turkey

A woman from the United States who went to Turkey for a vacation last January was found dead in the Turkish capital. According to the media in Turkey, the body of the said woman identified and named Sarai Sierra was exactly found in Istanbul’s ancient walls. The local police in the city of Istanbul have already found suspects that were linked to the death of Ms. Sierra.

The said victim was a resident in New York City and is a mother of two. She was said to have been missing last January 21 which is the day she was supposed to be back in New York. Her entrance to the airports of Istanbul was recorded in a footage before her flight to Amsterdam. The location were her body was found was said to be a location in Istanbul that she wanted to visit and it was just close to the Galata Bridge in the city.

The authorities in charge of the case regarding Ms. Sierra’s death did not give lot of details about how she died and just released a statement that the victim could have been stabbed a lot of times and then died. They also suspected that she was not killed in the said are where her body was thrown. It could possibly happened in another location and her body was just hidden in the wall of the city.Meanwhile, when she has gone missing the US embassy was already in contact with the Turkish police and worked with them in searching until they have found the body of Ms.Sierra.