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Kill or Be Killed: The Current Situation Inside Syria

What started as a peaceful revolution a year ago now has blown into a fully-armed rebellion. Military and rebels, with access to arms and equipment to fight against each other, continue to battle in the villages of Syria to this time. Helicopters and tanks were used in village assaults, capital defenses and even the persecution of the innocent.

New military rebel factions have emerged, such as the “Freedom Brigade” and the “Shield of Idlib battalion have emerged. Military rebel councils exist now in many towns and cities all over Syria.

The military strength of the rebels comes from the combined groups of defecting soldiers and civilians, which include students, real-estate agents and students. Political defectors are also present, including those coming from the ruling Ba’ath party of President Bashar al Assad.

Skirmishes still occur all over Syria. Rebels have defended many villages, including Aleppo, the commercial capital of the country. However, they indicate that they are suffering heavy casualties from the fights.

The root cause of the revolution last year was to finally resolve the lack of democracy and other individual rights of many citizens in Syria. However, President Assad responded violently against the peaceful revolution by eliminating political threats against the government.

Foreign news correspondents, journalists and reporters were denied access to Syria by the government. Limited news resources continue to cover the violence inside the country.

Civilians are reported to have used their investments and savings to support the Syrian opposition. Many have also held arms against the government. Clearly, the crisis is far from ending its violent phase.

The Syrian opposition and the Free Syria Army states that they cannot rest until they have put down President Bashar al Assad, or else, they would be the next to be killed.

Source: CNN

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Claiming Back PPI – Prospects for Consideration

Payment protection insurance usually caters the repayment of a loan at times of adversity. Many people who opted for the policy deliberately have been vastly benefitted at times and particularly in the time of worldwide recessions. Unlike the policyholders of mis-sold PPI, they have got the privileges of the policy to the fullest extent during the rough economic times. However, in spite of the manifold utilities, people are afraid of buying the policies at this time following all scandals generated by the missold PPI policies.

Many lenders in the UK have sold payment protection polices dishonestly to countless consumers for the last few years. Many of those victims of missold policies now stand against the missold policies. Quite obviously, those claiming back PPI all around are affecting the sell of the Payment Protection Insurance altogether. You should always acquire every possible knowledge thereby on PPI before signing for it. Being alert about the policy and its functions can save you from being a sufferer of missold policy.

You should know first and foremost that Payment Protection Insurance is an optional policy. Thus, make sure that your lenders do not impose the same with the loaned amount. It is vital as well for you to know that the policy is somewhat expensive when compared to other indemnities available at the market.

It is better to avoid purchasing PPI straight from the lenders while borrowing a loan. On the other hand, you should buy the same from any reputable insurance provider directly. Try to compare prices of different PPI policies and buy the most suitable one for you.

It’s Never Too Late to Make a PPI Claim

Making a PPI claim today, is a lot more straight forward than it was a few years back as there are a lot more companies, such as offering  their services tin this field. Since the time the Financial Services Authority (FSA) discovered the mis selling of PPI, millions of UK citizens struggled to complain to banks, who have notoriously turned down and rejected many complaints. The struggle finally passed when the FSA made new claims guidelines, enabling banks to honor all claims, even call the past customers who were potentially mis sold PPI.

Due to the abusive sales methods of financial advisers, PPI was mis sold in a way that customers believed it to be mortgage payment insurance (MPI) or income protection insurance (IPI). Given the trust of their experience and expertise their customers give them, it wasn’t hard for commission-based financial advisers to have their customers purchase the insurance policies.

PPI can only provide repayments for 12 months but can protect against accidents, sicknesses and unemployment. MPI provides almost the same benefits but for a longer-term (and a higher premium at that). IPI only protects customers who find themselves unemployed, enabling them to have money to pay for financing and something to support themselves with.

If you’re mis sold PPI, it is best that you consider the new options in making a claim. Which? has finally reached an agreement with PPI providers and banks. Today, these establishments allow customers to claim by themselves and not be rejected of such. They can easily reclaim PPI repayments through a simple form. However, people with hectic and busy schedules might not be able to take advantage of the simplified claims process.

Customers on average actually lose £3000 to a mis sold PPI policy. Some report that they even lost tens of thousands of pounds for a PPI. So, in making a claim, you get the chance to get back all of these. But if you’re not too sure about how to make a claim, it is advised that you seek the help of claims experts as they have the expertise and knowledge to help you with your claims. They can also make the entire claim for you and get you all your refunds under a no win no fee basis.

US-China Tensions in the South China Sea

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, will hold a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi to resolve the issue of the acclaimed Scarborough Shoals, which Chinese fishermen had trespassed which violates territorial law in the Philippines and other countries in the sidelines of the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference.

The US, while not in direct conflict with China, is supporting the Philippine defense in guarding its territorial waters. The conflict, which began in April when the Chinese fishermen were found poaching in its economic zone including the shoal, may go out of hand if no resolution is to ever materialize from the conflict.

Scarborough Shoals is said to store vast oil and gas reserves, as well as marine life for fishing grounds. Experts estimate that the ‘virgin’ islands have rich resources for economic growth.

The ASEAN conference is set to make rules about maritime rights and navigation. They are also preparing a procedure for discussing disputes between countries. The target of this meeting is mainly to alleviate the tension for the said island. China was presented a proposal at this weeks conference. However, China is not a member of the ASEAN and has yet to agree to such proposal.

The meetings held between China and US, while not sparse, haven’t reaped any fruit. Tensions between China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and southeast Asian countries near the area might reach violent conflict should the issue not be resolved, says many observers.


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Fukushima Reactor Disaster Was Man-Made, States Japanese Authorities

From last year’s nuclear diaster in Fukushima, investigators from Japan have finally reaped results. The Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission states that the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) nuclear power plant accident was not caused primarily by the earthquakes and the tsunami, but rather the conflict between government, regulators and the operating company TEPCO itself.

The accident was said to be caused by a lack of governance and observance to the safety measures required for nuclear power. The commission states that nuclear power is highly volatile, and proper maintenance had not been observed. The commission states that the parties effectively betrayed the rights of citizens to be safe from nuclear accidents, making it so that the accident was ‘man-made’

The TEPCO reported that the size of the earthquake and tsunami was beyond the facility and their capacity to handle and they could not have made an earlier attempt to foresee the power of the two disasters. Their reports state that the commission cannot say any safety devices were not damaged by the earthquake and that it cannot be ruled out that a small scale loss-of-coolant-accident occurred in the Fukushima reactor.

Recently, activists have rallied around the residence of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda as decisions to reactivate the other reactors in Japan have been initiated to supply the missing third of the power the country needs. Oil and fuel exports to generate electricity have become costly for the country, which led to the particular decision.


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