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Kofi Annan Backed By Russia For Syria’s United Government, Says Envoys

Yesterday, Russia and four other veto-wielding UN Security Council members agreed to the proposal of Kofi Annan about a Syrian national unity cabinet. Kofi Annan states that the government will include government and opposition members, but it vows to do away with people whose participation will destroy the unified government.

This political transition plan is seen by Annan as the only hope to end the Syrian conflict currently on its 16th month. This is the topic that Annan and the five security council members will discuss on Saturday in Geneva. It was summarized that Annan viewed that the Syrian conflict can only end if the two sides can see a common, shared future peacefully.

The Syria Unity Government was the establishment of this shared future as a neutral starting point for the political transition. Government members, opposition and other cabinet members will be included. However, it would exclude people who could cause unrest in the political transition.

While not explicitly stated in the plan, many diplomats see one of the excluded members of government to be the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Russia, being one of the closest allies of Syria, may have Assad still in power even after agreeing to Annan’s plan.

Diplomats state that Russia, while it may appear they have changed their stand about the Syrian crisis, still will not let go of Assad. However, the statement of the Russian representatives were not available.

Source: Reuters

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Assange’s Diplomatic Asylum in Ecuador Will Not Exempt Him From UK Law

Julian Assange, the founder of the controversial website Wikileaks, was arrested for several cases involving Swedish women. However, he has sought refuge seeking asylum within the Ecuador Embassy in the United Kingdom. In recent history, many suspects have sought asylum in embassies. However, there is no law the decrees that people who are under review for asylum cannot be arrested once they are out of embassy grounds.

By law, international embassies in every country cannot be held for any decision they make. No upset can be made inside the embassies no matter what the consequence. State law and letter do not apply inside these embassies save for the law of the embassy’s home country itself. However, if Assange should step out of the Ecuadorian Embassy’s premises, he can easily be arrested, regardless of whether the Ecuador Embassy has granted him asylum or not.

On the contrary, general international law does not recognize a right of diplomatic asylum. It is only seen that penetrating the embassies is a violation of treaty. A search inside the premises of an embassy is a violation. UK authorities state that once Assange is arrested, the Ecuadorian Embassy, even if they have granted asylum to Assange, may be obliged to surrender him.

Source: Guardian

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The Ease of Making a PPI Claim Today

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the banks had a legal dispute over the new claims guidelines proposed by the FSA in 2010. In May of 2011, the FSA won their right to establish the new claims guidelines. It is indeed easier to make a PPI claim nowadays. The FSA had tasked banks to call upon the remaining 10.8 million customers who haven’t made a claim yet. If you are part of the people who haven’t made a PPI claim, you should consider making one now. It is indeed easier to make a PPI claim today.

As soon as the bank confirms that you were potentially mis sold PPI, you will need to prove that you were mis sold the insurance policy and that you were initially ineligible for the insurance policy. PPI is a very helpful insurance product. It ensures that your loan repayments are met monthly even if you suffer income loss putting time off work to recover from accident injuries or sicknesses. You even get the same benefits when you find yourself unemployed. But if you were ineligible for its requirements, you’re truly in trouble.

How you are mis sold PPI by bank representatives and commission-based financial advisers is through their abusive sales tactics. They only highlight the positive aspects of the insurance ‘s benefits without considering if you were compatible with its terms and conditions. Most mis sold PPI victims are those with multiple financing and a risky or dangerous job. First, they explain to you the benefits above, then they examine your financial situation and then highlight how the PPI can help you maintain them. This has urged many customers, trusting the knowledge and expertise of their financial advisers, to purchase the insurance.

The PPI claims process, being easier, only needs you to fill up a PPI claims form and submit it to the Financial Ombudsman. You can also call or wait for the call of your banks about the insurance claims. If you find that your bank has not called you and you understand you have a mis sold PPI, you can call on claims experts at for help.

UK Citizens Aged Between 25-44 Considered As Country’s Heaviest Drinkers

Based on the Statistics on Alcohol, adults aged between 25 to 44 years old are considered the UK’s heaviest drinkers in hiding. Recent statistics indicate that these individuals drink much regularly and much more than young adults. The statistics show that adults mostly drink at least six or eight bottles of alcohol a day among the men and women aged 25-44. Respectively, 25% of men and 20% of women have achieved this particular feat.

The chief executive of the Drinkaware alcohol education charity group , Chris Sorek, states that it is something great to see a fall in the average weekly alcohol consumption among young adults. However, the results of their efforts still seems far as many young adults still binge on alcohol, increasing their dependence on the substance’s capability to relax and somehow ‘loosen’ them up.

The British Medical Journal notes that a person should just drink around 5g of alcohol a day. This is in contrast to the Government recommendation of having 24-32g of alcohol a day for men and a bit less for women, dropping to 16-24g.

Drinking is probably one of the most hardest to avoid vices in the country. While alcohol can clean the blood and the body, binge drinking can harm the kidneys and the liver. It is estimated that the recommendation of 5g by the British Medical Journal can save around 4,600 lives yearly in the country.

Source: Morning Advertiser