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The 700-company "Sports Hive" located in Scotland's Stirling University Innovation Park intends to improve Scotland's sports industry by bringing toge...

‘Paris Navigating Gym’ ...

To save the environment, renewable energy innovations will be needed. Europe's developed nations need a solution to their increasing population and en...

OPEC Oil Embargo Sees Increase of O...

Global oil producing Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) agreed on Wednesday would be its first oil output reduction since 2008. ...

Dissecting the Accident at Work Res...

The entire leadership of a company is responsible for your safety. They delegate this handling of your safety to your superiors. If a superior has ask...

Stirling University Innovation Park To Have First National Sports Business Grounds

The 700-company “Sports Hive” located in Scotland’s Stirling University Innovation Park intends to improve Scotland’s sports industry by bringing together all related parties including students. The “Sports Hive” will have six of its businesses mentored by industry experts to help grow their respective businesses.

Aside from technology, new exercises, drills, programs, supplements and bio-monitoring technologies could surface from the Sports Hive in Stirling. According to Programme Manager Ryan Carenduff, Scotland is brimming with Scottish sports entrepreneurs with big ideas on improving sports services and technologies.

He said the Sports Hive intends to support the vision of the new entrepreneurs and startups and the Hive would facilitate working with the world’s best startup mentors in France, USA, Canada and even Australia. From children’s aids, innovators are looking more on new energy drinks, training apparel, powerful supplements and other areas that sports could need a technological or innovative boost.

The initiative to improve Scotland’s sports industry began in 2010 after a project called “Sporting Chance Initiative” collected all 700 companies that are growing in number to further innovations in Scotland’s sports trade. Focused mainly on startups and small companies, the Sports Hive includes some of Scotland’s athletic heroes including professional swimming instructor Michael Harkins and his project to create the “Turtle Pack,” a children’s flotation buoy.

‘Paris Navigating Gym’ To Propel Through Seine River By Human Power

To save the environment, renewable energy innovations will be needed. Europe’s developed nations need a solution to their increasing population and enormous carbon footprint. Designer Caro Ratti of Carlo Ratti Associati proposes the best way to travel Seine River is through a boat powered by human exercise and solar cells.

The “Paris Navigating Gym” harvests human energy by having its passengers work out in treadmills and bicycles while offering a scenic journey across the Seine River. Commuters — and possibly tourists — could leave their bags aside, put on their gym clothes and sweat out their journey. Incentives include traveling free if one meets the cutoff for the boat’s energy needs.

The boat would feature gym equipment installed near open windows with augmented reality glass. The glass would act as a monitor of health and exercise for the passenger — providing information about the amount of calories and fats they burned and the amount of energy they contributed to the boat.

Carlo Ratti said the “Paris Navigating Gym” is fascinating because “one can see the energy generated by a gym workout propel a boat.” Scenic views offered to energy sources/ passengers working out also make it easier to take one’s mind off biking or running in treadmills. If the energy from passengers is insufficient, the boat also uses its photovoltaic cells to collect energy from the Sun and preserve it for the next trip.

According to Ratti’s designers, the boat only needs eight months to produce. Should public support be strong for the boats, they can streamline a production line for the boats that will run in the Seine River.

OPEC Oil Embargo Sees Increase of Oil Prices To $52 Per Barrel

Global oil producing Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) agreed on Wednesday would be its first oil output reduction since 2008. OPEC’s oil output reduction is due to Saudi Arabia’s voluntary “big hit” to force Iran to drop oil output and stabilise the price of oil in the worldwide market.

According to AB Bernstein’s analysts, OPEC had agreed to create a “historic production cut” that would remove about 1.2 million barrels per day and would further cut 0.6 million barrels per day for non-OPEC countries to increase oil prices.

Brent crude oil futures shot up by 10 per cent at $51.88 per barrel. Markets had doubts about the cut’s emergence. According to Barclays, the production levels — and not the export levels — have been cut. The cut is slated for 2017, making it possible that supplies for 2016 to be enough.

Despite the price jump, oil prices remain at 2014 prices before oil’s prices dropped to ground prices due to high production.

OPEC produces a third of global oil. With 33.6 million barrels per day in their production, the oil producer would increase prices of oil with its January 2016 levels of production. Meanwhile, US crude production had increased by 3 per cent this year to 8.7 million barrels per day to compete in a lower priced environment.

Dissecting the Accident at Work Responsibility of Your Employers

The entire leadership of a company is responsible for your safety. They delegate this handling of your safety to your superiors. If a superior has asked you to perform a task that placed you accidentally in grave danger mentally, physically or emotionally, then the superior — as an embodiment of your employers — is responsible.

As an embodiment your superior will face serious consequences for his actions. But the burden of responsibility to compensate you for damages will be the company. The company’s leadership often assigns an accident-handling department most often the Human Resources department.

The HR department had briefed you on the potential dangers of the work and the insurance the company handles. They had briefed your superior long before you were employed in the company. Therefore, the HR will handle the entire incident and discuss it with the insurance company handling your accident.

Several laws protect employees from injuries that another party may cause through their personal negligence.

Personal negligence is not limited to the lack of provision of safety equipment for ultra-hazardous activities such as construction or heavy lifting, the lack of warnings regarding dangerous tools, materials or environments, and the lack of supervision during training.

If any of these departments fail to honour or comply to employees’ demands for workplace compensation legal representation can create accident at work claims for said individuals.

The workplace accident claim can help individuals get more than just insurance provisions but also damages to their life, emotion and will to live if any.

Claimants may need proof of negligence to guarantee their claim’s success. A legal team can handle this along with other tasks needed.

Tory Conference: Brexit Put On The Sidelines For The Meantime

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Tory conference speech focused on assuring the party’s members that Europe will not dominate the conference meetings, especially Brexit.

Mrs May said that Britain should focus on being a country that “works for all”. She addressed the party members at the start of the meeting. Despite pushing Brexit on the sidelines, she said she will not backslide on the subject.

In her speech, she had included a snippet for the Brexit. She outlined her plan of invoking article 50, the formal process of negotiating an exit by the end of March.

She then said that she would pass the “Great Repeal Act” in 2017 January. This would replace the UK legislation from 1972 that guaranteed their UK membership.

The new law would help provide certainty for businesses by allowing them to maintain their status. However, the delay in addressing Brexit may also mean the legislation with the EU could be further delayed.

This Great Repeal Act, which at the outset will do little more than replicate EU law in domestic legislation, is a pragmatic act of housekeeping: it would be simply impossible for Britain’s lawmakers to run the slide-rule over every piece of EU legislation pre-Brexit to decide what to keep and what to ditch.

Thirdly, Mrs May repeatedly said she would not give a running commentary on Brexit negotiations or set out Britain’s demands in advance. That was a mistake that her allies feel David Cameron made in his ill-fated EU renegotiations last winter.

Waste Crime “Worst Than Narcotic Syndicates”

UK Environment Agency Chief Sir James Bevan said ‘waste crime’ is the largest crime than drugs in the United Kingdom of this year.

“Waste is the new narcotics. It feels to me like drugs felt in the 1980s: the system hadn’t quite woken up to the enormity of what was going on and was racing to catch up,” he said.

Illegal waste activity costs the country about £1bn yearly. About 1,000 illegal waste sites have been uncovered the previous year, more than the previous two years in total with about 662 active by the end of March 2016.


Organised gangs and shady corporations are part of the dumping of illegal household and industrial wastes in different areas. This had led to massive frauds in recycling feels and landfill tax.

The Environment Agency’s actions had helped to close more than 1,000 sites it had found with fines and prosecutions against property owners.

“When you have an illegal waste site, it will look horrible, it will smell, be noisy and there are constantly fires.

“With drugs it took a while for the system to catch up and realise the damage drugs were doing. We are clear now about the damage waste crime does to communities and to the economy,” he said.

“The strategy is to work with the good guys and really nail the bad guys. “We are both finding more [illegal sites] and nailing more. As the statistics show we haven’t cracked it yet and it will be a long grind, but we are making progress.”

Hundreds Participate in New I Am Team GB Campaign

Banking on the country’s imagination and amazement of its athletes’ performance during the World Olympics after Team GB successfully led the world, about 2,600 sporting events intended to encourage people to get out of their homes and engage in physical activities was the focus of I Am Team GB.

The campaign begun during the London 2012 Olympics where it was met with lacklustre acceptance despite the amazing achievement of Team GB during the time.

Several Olympians and enthusiasts opened their backyard to young and old people interested in the sport.

The Olympian Greg Rutherford opened his back garden, complete with long jump, to young people in Woburn Sands, near Milton Keynes. “It’s an interesting concept, come to my back garden and jump into the pit that I train on for the world championships, Olympics and everything else,” he said.

Nicole Sherapin, from Stratford, took her two children to the event. “I watched the Olympics every time it was on. It’s great that Team GB came second in the medal table, so when I saw this on the TV this morning I thought I’d bring the kids here because they’re really into sport and it’s something fun to do with it being the school holidays. They’ve tried the bikes, badminton, table tennis. I want my youngest to have a go at handball because it’s an alternative to football.”

In Reading, the Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover was offering advice to people who wanted to try out the sport. “There’ll be some challenges on the rowing machine. I think we’ll try to get some boats out if anyone wants to have a go at rowing. It’s really good that we’re challenging ideas and trying new things, it’s the first time ever a TV channel has been switched off to encourage people to leave the house and I think it’s amazing.”

One Individual Masterminded Thailand Bombings

A new series of explosive and arson attacks in famous tourist spots in several provinces last week are believed to be the work of one leader of a network of bombers.

Authorities believe the attacks had been planned effectively. From the scene, two incendiary devices in Hua Hin had been found.

According to Deputy National Police Chief Pongsapat Pongcharoen, the group carried out hte operation in many locations all at the same time following orders from a single individual.

However, no insurgent group had claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, it is highly likely that political enemies of the ruling government or members of the Malay-Muslim-majority South are escalating their action against the Thai junta.

In 2014, military leaders won leadership with a country-wide referendum on a constitution that entrenches their power in any future government. This also antagonised all political enemies of the government effectively.

A firebomb exploded in the island of Phuket on Sunday. Two explosive devices were found in Phang Nga while explosives had detonated in different areas on Friday including Surat Thani.

According to Coup Leader and Prime Minister Prayt Chan-o-cha, the attacks were intended to cause chaos and confusion in the country.

Meanwhile, main opposition party Pheu Thai said on Saturday their members had nothing to do with the escalating bombings in Thailand.

Trump Claims Being Attacked By a Fallen Soldier’s “Muslim Parents”

According to GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, Khizr and Ghazala Khan had “viciously attacked” him during the Democratic National Convention.

The Khans — parents of fallen US Captain Humayun Khan who fought in Iraq — said the candidate had no empathy for the fallen soldier.

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

Mr Khan said:

‘His [Trump’s] policies, his practices do not reflect that he has any understanding of the basic fundamental constitutional principles of this country, what makes this country exceptional, what makes this country exceptional in the history of the mankind.

‘There are principles of equal dignity, principle of liberty. He talks about excluding people, disrespecting judges, the entire judicial system, immigrants, Muslim immigrants. These are — divisive rhetoric that is totally against the basic constitutional principle.

‘If you read the Constitution, you will — either deliberately would be violating those principles, or you have not read.

‘That is why I have watched whole year and rest of the world has watched, and the love and affection and support that we have received after my statement at every corner of the street, at every place, the affection, the support, the love that I have received, that we continue to receive, is a testament that he is talking about ignorance.

‘He is not fully aware of these principles.’

The Republican Candidate said he did not have a chance to respond against Khizr Khan’s criticism during the Democratic Convention.

EU “Friends” Will Not Be Abandoned – Johnson

According to Leave Representative Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom will not abandon its “friends” in the European Union. During his attendance in Brussels, Mr Johnson said he wanted to see that all the countries of the EU have a “co-ordinated response” to terrorism in response to the attack in Nice, Paris.

As the post-Brexit government’s new foreign secretary, Mr Johnson has met with EU counterparts and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Before he arrived to Brussels, Mr Johnson’s plane had to make an emergency landing, delaying his schedule. The small incident involved a technical issue with one of the engines.

James Robbins, the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent, said that although Brexit was not on the agenda “Mr Johnson’s fellow ministers are bound to be sizing up their nemesis”.

“Today’s meetings are bound to be odd, when the man who compared the EU’s ambitions to create a super-state to those of Adolf Hitler, sits down with the 27 other ministers,” he added.

The meeting comes after new Brexit Secretary David Davis said EU migrants who come to the UK as a departure date nears may not be given the right to stay.

He said there might have to be a cut-off point if there were a “surge” in new arrivals but any steps must be compatible with EU law.